Buzz Cloud kicks off in Singapore

Singapore's popular hop on hop off party bus' founder, Lazius Kaye, is now launching Buzz Cloud on October 2015.

Registered and trademarked in Singapore in 2014, Buzz Cloud is a social media platform tailor made specially for the creative. It has been built for the sole purpose to connect and promote creatives from all industries. This includes musicians, people in film, designers, fashion, marketing, advertising, gaming, animation, architecture and much more.

“We believe that all creativity is connected and everyone on a team should gain the recognition for the contribution each person makes. We also feel that there should be a community housing all creative minds under one roof so that we can break creative barriers and make it easier to excel in innovation, which is why our brand slogan is United Creatives,” Lazius Kaye, founder of Buzz Cloud said.

Buzz Cloud's website has been in development for around 12 months and will be launched in October.