Business as usual during times of volatility

The post is sponsored by SingPost.

A new, discretionary postal service is enabling overseas investors to go about their daily tasks uninterrupted, and with the peace of mind that their mail is safe and secure. Complementing Singapore’s impressive pro-business environment, the service is ideal for individuals who own properties, investment accounts and businesses in the city-state and across Southeast Asia.

June 2015 saw Singapore once again top the World Bank’s annual Doing Business rankings – a survey that examines the ease of conducting trade and investment in almost 190 countries globally.

For those familiar with the nation, this should come as no surprise, as for decades Singapore has boasted modern, world-class office space, state-of-the-art infrastructure and connectivity, and a highly skilled workforce that is among the most competent in Asia.

The city-state is also a vibrant financial services hub, which services the needs of businesses and high net worth individuals from across the region and beyond.

Indeed, with almost US$1.4 trillion worth of assets under management, Singapore is recognised as a premiere business and finance centre, where the majority of multinational corporations house their regional headquarters.

Indeed, Singapore’s economy is among the most diverse in the region – in addition to its financing capabilities, it has also established itself as a centre for multiple sectors and segments, including information technology; e-Commerce; logistics; healthcare; natural resources; consumer electronics; and many, many more.

Singapore’s broad industrial base has also exposed the nation to challenges currently ongoing in the global markets. Indeed, volatility has notably been experienced in the city-state’s equities and foreign exchange markets, with the Straits Times Index falling by more than 10% since January 2015 , and the Singapore dollar depreciating by almost 6% against the US dollar during the same time period . Nonetheless, through decades of careful planning, Singapore is among the most robust economies globally and continues to provide a vibrant environment for investors and entrepreneurs to thrive.

Two facets of doing business in Singapore stand out when compared to other economies in the region: discretion and safety. Indeed, it is universally acknowledged by business leaders globally that Singaporean businesses value integrity, prudence, vigilance and security. Furthermore, these attributes are supported by paramount servicing levels as exemplified by the likes of Singapore Airlines.

It is in this light that SingPost has launched its Hold Mail Service (HMS). Designed for the well-heeled individual and corporates (both local and overseas), HMS is safe and reliable, and involves discreet handling, storage and delivery of mail. With an emphasis on enforcing the security and confidentiality of client data, subscribers to the service have access to a mail management experience on a whole new level, which provides convenience and complete peace of mind.

HMS achieves this by offering each subscriber a new, unique postal address, where all future correspondence will be sent. Mail can be collected in person or hand-delivered to another address in Singapore.

The mail will only be handed over to the client upon presentation of formal identification. Indeed, for approximately SG$100 per month, clients can go about their daily activities in the knowledge that their mail is securely stored, thus allowing subscribers to concentrate on other matters that demand their attention, whether investing, conducting general business activities, or growing one’s wealth.

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