Buro Global unveils new brand identity for Buro24/7

Digital publisher Buro Global has unveiled the new brand identity for Buro24/7, a luxury lifestyle destination for affluent Millennials. The new brand identity accompanies a complete redesign of the websites within the Buro digital network and represents a new era of investment and expansion for the brand.

In a statement to Marketing, Buro's spokesperson said marketing has always been an "important element" to the company and through this rebranding, it will continue to push its marketing efforts to be done consistently across its platforms, as part of its global brand building exercise.

Buro’s new brand identity was designed by group creative director Patrick Waugh. Waugh describes it as, “cleaner, more sophisticated, bolder and yet still accessible to our affluent audience. "We have also introduced a design icon known as the Buro dot design which abstractly re-interprets the notion of 24/7 for today. It sits alongside the wordmark and is integrated into on- and offline communications and experiential activities. And we’re having fun with that, collaborating with artists seasonally to bring personality and excitement to the brand,” he added.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson told Marketing that the Buro "dot" symbol is a stylised representation of "time never stops" and that it is always live and publishing. Buro declined to comment on the cost of rebranding.

Esther Quek, editor-in-chief of Buro Singapore, added, “A simpler and cleaner look enhances our rich local content through visuals and compelling stories, evoking thoughts and emotions, creating unique experiences throughout our site. Keeping technology and digital innovation at its core, we are looking forward to working with the talents across Buro’s global network to create engaging content.”

Since launching in 2011, Buro has become a leading editorial voice and innovator for advertisers in the premium lifestyle category. With a focus on emerging luxury markets and a core audience of 18 to 34-year-olds, it has successfully grown its presence to 9 countries, including Singapore, with a reach of 11.5 million people across digital and social platforms.

Buro Global is helmed by CEO Nick Smith, formerly Prestige & Lifestyle director at News Corp Australia and editor-in-chief of GQ Australia. Under Smith’s direction, Buro Global is also launching a flagship destination – ‘Buro24/7.com’– in the first half of 2019 from the company’s headquarters in Soho London. This major launch for the company will see a 25-strong editorial, digital marketing and commercial team employed to grow its Western European audience and operations.

Crystal Malachias, formally digital group head at Hearst UK, has also joined the company as group commercial director to drive commercial and brand partnerships for the flagship destination and the global network.

Nick Smith, CEO of Buro Global, said, “While we’ve always been a trailblazer in the digital publishing space, the unveiling of our new brand identity symbolises a greater ambition for Buro. It’s an era of growth, innovation and investment. We’ll deliver a new audience platform, spearheaded by the launch of our flagship destination in the UK in the first half of 2019."

"With this, we’ll redefine emotion, experience and engagement in premium publishing — these are the three most important metrics to connect with millennials. Coupled with this is the imminent expansion into new territories, bringing on the most amazing talents, and creating an irresistible corporate culture to make Buro Global the most exciting and innovative publisher to work with, or for. We are the new face of luxury media,” Smith added.