Here's how to get a brand to sponsor your wedding [VIDEO]

What happens when a Burger marries a King? Burger King pays for your wedding. Confused? So am I.

The story goes: One Joel Burger announced, on social media, his intention to marry an Ashley King. After which, the couple asked fast food chain Burger King for permission to use its logos on their wedding favours. Burger King not only granted them this rather bizarre request, but also offered to pay for the entire cost of the wedding.

Hence, the birth of a Burger King-themed wedding, which was pretty much a marketing blitz for the chain.

The wedding shows the couple and their guests sporting Burger King paraphernalia - from paper crowns to hamburger socks and matching T-shirts featuring the chain’s logo.

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That is how you market your brand in holy matrimony.

For the lot of us with no noun-sounding, brand-related names, we’ll still have to get married courtesy of our own savings.

Image credit: Burger King's Facebook