Burger King SG joins netizens in trolling McDonald's salted egg yolk fries

Singaporeans love their salted egg yolk products. Banking on this, McDonald's Singapore recently launched its version of the salted egg yolk loaded fries, ahead of its 40th anniversary.

Unfortunately, the fast food giant unintentionally invited itself into a fair bit of criticism from members of the public as excited netizens took to the online realm to  share their rather disappointing experiences. While many commented that the product doesn't take like what "salted egg yolks" should, sneaking in a quick witty comment was its competitor Burger King.

The King cheekily threw shade at its competitor, while promoting its own product on a netizen post. It said, "We know, the clown did it again. Yet another blunder. Here at Burger King, we never mess with our fries. That is why you should totally get our Cheesy Fries for only SG$2.50".

In a statement to Marketing, Kym Lee, marketing manager from Burger King Singapore said, "We are delighted to know that people are passionate about their fries and food, just like us. We like our customers to let us know what they like, or don't like. It is always good to hear their feedback. Through the feedback we learn what delights them and that brings us closer, as we work to serve up classics and venture into new flavours".

Meanwhile, McDonald's Singapore has declined to comment on Marketing's queries.

Very cheeky, BK. Your move, McDonald's!