British Council attempts to teach web users English

British Council Singapore has launched a ‘Know Your English’ interactive banner in an attempt to promote the English language.

Done by ad agency Grey Group Singapore, the web banner offers internet users a real-time online English language dictionary and pronunciation guide.

Launched in Malaysia, Singapore, Shanghai and Bangkok, the ‘Know Your English’ web banner is able to track when a user highlights any word on the web page and reveal the meaning of the word. There is also an audio clip on its pronunciation. This is done by scanning outside of its allocated web banner space and tracking users’ activities on the web page in real-time.

The banner was conceptualised for the British Council to help raise its profile among working professionals who are non-proficient in English.

Regina Goh, director of communications, British Council said: “The ‘Know Your English’ web banner has all the qualities that brought our brand to life. It helps people expand their English language competencies, promotes active learning and reinforces our commitment to creativity and excellence.”

During its three day pilot launch in Singapore where the web banner ran on I-S Magazine online, the ‘Know Your English’ web banner reached an estimated of 15861 internet users, said Grey.

Users average interaction rate was of 51.8% (19.5 times more than the average rich media and 272 times more than the standard banner) Average time spent interacting with the banner was two minutes and 14 seconds (eleven times more than time spent in rich media banners), according to the agency.

“Businesses do recognise the importance of an online presence in an increasingly digital era. However, the average internet user today is already bombarded with a myriad of messages that often diminish the online experience,” said Subbaraju Alluri, CEO of Grey Group Singapore.

Here are a few examples of how it works:

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A demonstration video can be viewed here: