Brisbane brand initiative calls on Hong Kong

Hong Kong – The Australian Chamber of Commerce declared 20 March Brisbane Day in efforts to draw attention to its latest "Choose Brisbane" campaign, which strives to put the Australian city into local businesses’ radars.

The campaign by the economic development board of Brisbane Marketing chose Hong Kong as the first city to launch its brand campaign because of the city’s “well-established business, trade, research, social, educational and cultural ties with home,” Brisbane Marketing chairman, Ian Klug, said.

"Like Hong Kong, Brisbane is a new world city. We offer an innovative and diverse business environment, a highly skilled workforce, excellent infrastructure, a similar climate to Hong Kong, world-class educational facilities and a safe, clean environment,” he said, adding that Mandarin is the second most-spoken language in the city, followed by Cantonese.

Brisbane Marketing ads will soon appear in business magazines and bus shelters featuring world leaders at G20 and other prominent personnel from the city to promote industries like real estate, biotechnology, aviation, food and agribusiness, manufacturing, construction, research and education.

The campaign will soon extend into mainland Beijing and Shanghai.