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The top 5 most mentioned brands at the Oscars 2015

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This year's Oscars drew much buzz in the social media sphere, once again. And like the last, it was a hotbed for brand marketers as well. A study by digital marketing technology company Amobee Brand Intelligence ranked the top 5 brands that got the most out of the Oscars this year.Amobee Brand Intelligence measures the world's content consumption—what is seen by consumers, not just what is "said" on social. Revealing the top performing brands based on online buzz measured in real time with the highest share of voice (SOV) and social mentions during the Academy Awards, Amobee named Dove and Lego the big brand winners at the Oscars for generating online buzz and brand consumption in real time during the ceremony.Top 5 brand winners:Lego had the most brand mentions around the event, earning it the Most Awesome Brand award, according to Amobee, with 46,881 social mentions and 45% positive sentiment, thanks to the music performances of Tegan and Sara and The Lonely Island. The brand got an estimated US$7.5 million dollars of free advertising on the night, taking into account the huge production number and the Lego Oscars being handed out to the audience.[embed][/embed]Dove earned the Most Loved Brand award, with 29,250 social mentions around the brand and its #speakbeautiful hashtag, with sentiment around the brand and hashtag drawing 91% positive remarks. Twitter and Dove collaborated to encourage positivity via a new technology that identifies and transform negative tweets to more positive messages. For more on Dove's campaign, click here.Coca-Cola returned to this year's Academy Awards with ads for both regular and Diet Coke, posting shortened versions of its new "A Generous World" ad on Facebook to coincide with the awards broadcast. Coca-Cola generated 12,600 social mentions and 28% positive sentiment during the Oscars. The ad shows how handing someone a classic bottle of Coke alleviates their unfortunate experiences. Social media users were encouraged to view the video and channel their "inner screenwriters" to comment on who they thought would get the next Coke, using #AndTheCokeGoesTo.[embed][/embed]Samsung had 11,502 social mentions and 23% positive sentiment, once again focusing on more unconventional branding opportunities. While it struck social media gold with Ellen DeGeneres' selfie with her posse of A-list celebrities, this year Samsung made a cameo in the form of actor Jack Black in Neil Patrick Harris’ opening song-and-dance number where Black dramatically pulled out a Samsung device.McDonald’s had 6,111 social mentions and 20% positive sentiment for the night. In the McDonald's ad from the Oscars, the brand unveils a series of simple, iconic elements in plain text, that make up some of the more famous films in history: "Big Apple + big ape + normal-sized lady," spelling out famous films like King Kong. Then, to establish the Big Mac's place in that world, they rolled out the company's 1974 jingle for the burger: "two all-beef patties + special sauce + lettuce + cheese + pickles + onions + sesame seed bun." sentiment measured during the OscarsTaking a look at indexed top brand consumption around the event, Amobee Brand Intelligence measures what is seen by consumers on top of what is "said" as captured on social media feeds. Lego generated the most interest, with Dove having 62% as much consumption during the ceremony, Coca-Cola having 27%, Samsung having 24% as much, and McDonald’s having 13% as much consumption as Lego during the Oscar broadcast. Verizon and Cadillac both had 12% as much consumption around them as around Lego during the Oscars, with the movie Insurgent having 11%, American Express having 10%, and Comcast having 9% as much consumption as Lego did during the broadcast.Looking at the share of voice between the top 5 brands around the Oscars, 44% of the real-time discussion was around Lego, 28% of the discussion was around Dove, with 12% around Coca-Cola, 11% around Samsung, and 6% around McDonald’s.Key celebrity momentsBrands had some missed opportunity during this years’ Oscars for failing to support important social causes mentioned in speeches made by Academy award winners, as data from Amobee, the digital marketing technology company, revealed.The data from Amobee Brand Intelligence details the top celebrity and brand moments across digital platforms, and ranks the Most Memorable Moments, Top 5 Brand Sentiments, the Top 5 brands with the highest share of voice and social mentions during the Academy Awards.This year especially sees acceptance speeches as an especially effective and increasingly popular tool for championing important social causes with award winners choosing to highlight specific social themes to append their speeches. Top moments  from the ceremony include:Civil rights was an important issue raised. Common and John Legend combined for 137,441 social mentions with sentiment at 49% positive around the duo’s rousing performance, words around Selma and Civil Rights-oriented acceptance speech.Gender equality was championed by Patricia Arquette in her acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress. There were 168,930 social mentions around Patricia Arquette on the night with sentiment around her 48% positive. There were also 92,300 mentions circulated around gender equality, and 89,712 mentions for Meryl Streep focusing on her outward support for Patricia’s advocacy.Suicide Prevention is another issue that gained significant spotlight during acceptance speeches. “We should talk about suicide out loud” was the message of director Dana Perry after she won Best Documentary short for "Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1”. Screenwriter Graham Moore then discussed his own suicide attempt at age 16 during his acceptance speech. This led to 36,800 social mentions around Suicide Prevention during the Oscars broadcast.Julianne Moore was another big winner on the night, generating 64,764 social mentions during the Oscars, with sentiment around her 53% Positive. Using her speech to talk about the issue of Alzheimer’s which is at the center of Still Alice, there were 8,040 mentions around Alzheimer’s Awareness during the evening.The biggest moment however was probably Lady Gaga taking on The Sound of Music. There was 577,143 social mentions of Lady Gaga during the Oscars with sentiment around her 38% positive. Julie Andrews also received 166,000 social mentions during the broadcast.

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