Brands have a field day with #bottlecapchallenge

Another internet challenge has gotten netizens busy and it has attracted the whackier side of brands. This time, the #bottlecapchallenge, has gotten the internet unscrewing a bottle cap without using your hands.

The challenge attracted 3,399 mentions in Singapore over the past week, with near to 1.4 million interactions, said Digimind, in a conversation with Marketing. The high level of engagement and excitement are largely around people sharing their take on or awe of others completing the challenge. Meanwhile, Meltwater said social traffic surrounding the challenge started emerging early last week, and peaked on 4 July with sentiment on social media were largely positive at 71%.

There is no telling how long the excitement will last, but here’s a look at brands who’ve jumped on the hype:


F&N Seasons, for instance, added its own twist to the #bottlecapchallenge and posted a animation of how a lemon unscrewed a bottle, in an attempt to promote its ice lemon tea.

Cycle & Carriage Singapore

Cycle & Carriage Singapore used the chance to educate drivers on whether kicking the tyre is an accurate way to check for tyre issues.

Singapore Civil Defence Force

Meanwhile, SCDF has swapped kicks for a powered saw to give Singaporeans a glimpse of its fire-fighters’ forcible entry training. It has garnered 1,100 likes and near to 600 shares on Facebook within three days.

Ice Mountain

Ice Mountain produced a simple but mesmerising animation of the bubbles in its sparkling water range with a pun, #incaption.

Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources

MEWR took the chance to remind its fans that bottle caps can be recycled.


In a similar vein, Sentosa cautioned netizens on the potential harm to the environment and wildlife caused by the #bottlecapchallenge. In a post, it called fans to join its #realbottlecapchallenge to fight plastic pollution and clean up the beach.


Influencer Preeti Nair, or more popularly known as Preetipls, posted a comedic video of herself doing the challenge and hitting her friend as a result. The humour has attracted a sizeable 56,500 views on Twitter.

Mr Brown

Another influencer Mr Brown also produced a short tongue-in-cheek production to tickle its fans, attracting over 500 likes on Facebook within three days.

Donnie Yen

Actor Donnie Yen, known for his martial arts skills in the Ip Man movie, has tackled the challenge blindfolded. Not surprisingly, it has garnered 179,000 likes and over 175,000 shares on Facebook.

(Photo courtesy: Sentosa Facebook page)