Brands get witty with haze situation

While locals fume over the haze hanging over the nation, smart brands are working it to their advantage. Here are the top five ads that caught our eye:


adidas made an attempt to run from the haze by launching one day free gym access passes at True Fitness. The haze situation will be assessed at 1pm and the PSI level at that point will then determine the number of passes handed out for the next day.


2. Dreyer's

Ice cream brand Dreyer's also attempts to make the best of the situation by hawking its ice cream to heated locals.


3. Cadbury Singapore

Locals going nutty over the haze need to calm down with chocolate says Cadbury. Here's the ad we spotted on its Facebook page.

4. McDonald's

Meanwhile McD's makes an attempt at word play promoting its new sauces by running with the tagline: "Today's Peak Sauce Index is looking deliciously high", highlighting the letters PSI.


Meanwhile Oreo created its own creepy (but somewhat tasty) looking mask urging locals to "Breathe Sweet".

Hopefully frustrated locals still have room for the humor. Meanwhile, breathe easy folks.