Brands get cheeky creating memes out of GOJEK's viral 'hostage' video


GOJEK has been in the news once again. Post its launch hype, one of the drivers of the ride-hailing company was accused by a disgruntled passenger of being taken “hostage”. As such, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has looked into the matter and called in the driver in for an interview to investigate the incident.

The incident was first brought to light when a video was made available online of the passenger accusing the driver of "cheating" her out of cash as the vehicle passed through an ERP.  The situation was further aggravated when the passenger accused the driver of taking her “hostage”, as she could not get out of the car due to the auto-lock function. She then played the race card asking the driver, "Is it because I'm Chinese?"

In a statement to Marketing, a GOJEK spokesperson said that GOJEK is aware and cooperating with the LTA investigation, on an ongoing basis. The ride-hailing company's spokesperson also added that it will not be appropriate to comment further at this stage. Despite the level of seriousness the incident, many Singapore organisations and brands have sneakily created memes out of the viral video. Phrases such as "It's auto-lock" and "Is it because I'm Chinese?" were taken from the video for these memes.

Take a look at some of the cheeky posts:


The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) took to its Facebook to convey its message on safety and its service. Both the SCDF personnels were seated the same way as the driver and passenger in the viral video. The Facebook post read at the bottom, "*Psst, our ambulance doors auto-lock for your own safety. So do not be unnecessarily alarmed. Please!".


Caltex Singapore

Caltex Singapore created a cartoon version of the driver and passenger on its Facebook post, and said, "Your cars may have auto-lock functions, but your seatbelts don't. Remember to put on your seatbelts."



The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) also jumped on the hype. The post read, "When the front and back seats work in harmony to safeguard our skies, even in the festive season. And yes, the canopy auto-locks for safety!"


HBO Asia

HBO Asia used the Game of Thrones series to teach netizens on surviving a hostage situation.


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