Brands celebrate Hari Raya in style

Hari Raya is just around the corner. In fact, it’s tomorrow!

We take at look some of the most interesting, touching and meaningful Eid al-Fitr (Hari Raya) commercials in Malaysian to celebrate this festive season. With these brands taking the opportunity to send all the messages of love, kindness and gratitude, their commercials are bound to stir some real emotions in us.

A mix of happiness, sadness and even some hilarious moments- so, get your tissue box ready.

Malaysia Airlines

Being away from family and our loved ones during Hari Raya is tough. Malaysia Airlines (MAS)’ Raya commercial “Adik” with the hashtag #BolehAdikIkut, shows a tale of love tested when a family member, Adik - the family’s cat – is initially unable to return to the family’s hometown despite much persuasion from the daughter.

On this, MAS wants to send this simple heartwarming message- love knows no distance or boundaries, “Kasih sayang tidak mengenal siapa kita.” The video has more than 390,000 views since it was published on You Tube on 3 July.


Malaysian oil and gas king Petronas wants to show that even in a time that seemed impossible, where the family was evicted from home- a father still manages to put a smile on his precious son’s face. It also portrays the love of a son towards an old-aged father as time passes on.

The “Vroom Vroom” video comes with this hashtag #PETRONASRaya, and has won over 1.3 million views since it was published 6 days ago.

Tenaga Nasional

Malaysian energy provider Tenaga Nasional’s Raya video of a boy named Din asking for forgiveness took a funny twist. With hashtag #lepastu, the 2 minutes video ended with this message “Tiada kesilapan yang tidak boleh dimaafkan”, meaning there’s nothing that can’t be forgiven.

Since it was posted on 21 June, the short video generated more than 1.25 million clicks. Impressive, indeed.

Telekom Malaysia

Sofea was collecting food in the days that initially caused curiosity and misunderstanding from her colleagues and friends. But they soon realised that those food she collected is actually for the consumption of the needy and less fortunate people.

Published on 23 June, the video titled "Rezeki Yang Dikongsi Lebih Diberkati" by Telekom Malaysia that explores the act the sharing and loving kindness among each other, has more than 58,900 views to-date.


A scent holds a thousand memories - says Kleenex. The sweet smell of Vanilla rekindles the special memories Aisyah shared with her beloved mother who has passed on. With this, Kleenex also came out with its new limited edition Kleenex Vanilla Scented Facial Tissues, just for this Raya. The commercial has garnered more than 555,200 views since 14 June.


#RayaNiMestiCun. That’s the tagline of Watson this year. It even has a funky Raya song that comes with it. The more than seven minutes video portrays different characters of people, with a humorous start. It also has its own staff and locals celebrities such as Amber Chia and Deanne Yusoff starring in the commercial has over 141,700 views since it was published on 14 June.


Property developer EcoWorld insists for this Raya- no matter where we are, may the festive season be filled with the sounds of laughter, the honour of traditions, and the love of family. Titled “#Syawal Dirai Keluarga Dihargai”, it tells the ups and downs of the whole journey of a family visiting the grandparents during Raya. Posted on 27 June, the advertisement has more than 684,000 views.


The less than five minutes short film “Baju Kurung Biru”revolves around a little stressful young boy called Aliff and has the bank’s group managing director Datuk Khairussaleh Ramli wishing everyone at the end. It gathered more than 92, 500 views since 27 June.


The Raya video by communications service provide Maxis revolves around family and the use of technology in our modern world. Its less than 3 minutes film “#SarikataHati – Bukan sebuah filem Hari Raya” was inspired by the ‘unspoken words’ of parents these days on using and keeping up with the new tech. The film, which gathered nearly 635,000 clicks since it was published 24 June, also wants to prove- there’s no better time than Raya to reflect on familiar conversations, while reminding that these reflections should go beyond the festive season and become deeply ingrained in the everyday interactions with our parents.

CIMB Islamic Bank

The brief one minute commercial has two men asking for forgiveness in a hilarious manner, lifting up the Hari Raya mood. Using the hashtag #RayaBersama, the bank caught the attention of over 53,400 views since it was posted just two days ago.


Another bank, Maybank has released its own Raya video and song titled “#MaybankJomRaya”, created by ‘Maybankers’ from all around the world particularly those from Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. It wants to spread strong messages of family, hope, gratitude and togetherness on the auspicious day. The video was released on 23 June and has almost 60,000 views so far.


IKEA wants to “make room for everyone this Raya”. It has came up with the upbeat song accompanying a short 30 seconds video, portaying an extendable dining table to seat everyone that comes over during Raya. The video which was published on 1 June in Malaysia (in Malay) has more than 1.15 million views, while the same video posted in its Singapore’s You Tube channel (in English) has about 225,000 clicks.

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