Diageo's drunk-driving VR ad shows horrible consequences in 360 degrees

Virtual Reality is a powerful marketing tool, we all know that. But one beverage maker did a good job identifying the VR marketing narratives to bring out a powerful brand message to its customers.

Diageo, whose beverage brands include Smirnoff and Guinness, recently released a VR video named "Decision" to follow the journey of three cars, and the crash that follows.

A woman who is driving home after celebrating a career breakthrough tries to overtake two other cars; one with two new parents, and one with a young group on their way to a party.

The move eventually leads to a car crash, and the severe collision as well as details of the damages are all portrayed in 360 degrees, to let viewers glimpse into the consequence of drink driving through a simulated real-life experience. While VR video usually puts people into the main character's point of view, the viewer is not driving the car in this video.

Some road safety charities told the BBC the video helped to show the dangers of drink driving, but others said it could have been more powerful.

To watch the video, no headset is required. Press play on the video below and move your phone or tablet around in 360 degree. If you’re on a desktop, scroll left to right and top to bottom with your cursor.

Targeting those old enough to drink alcohol, the video was released through Facebook 360, YouTube 360 and a VR app integration with The New York Times, as part of its initiative with United Nations Institute for Training and Research (Unitar) to raise awareness of drink driving in the US.

It is also compatible with VR headsets, including Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Daydream and Google Cardboard.