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Branded content: The devil’s in the brief

While everyone acknowledges that content is king, briefs brands give to agencies still don’t cater to content creation.

“As a result what brands get is a TVC and brands can’t blame the agencies is because that’s what they asked for in the first place,” he says.

Click here to see what head of digital marketing solutions group for Yahoo, Vaasu S. Gavarasana says about branded content and why a cross-screen marketing strategy is a must for brands.

Earlier in April, Yahoo acquired IntoNow which is able to recognise the programme content as it is airing and simultaneously provide program information and links associated with it to the user.

The product was launched in 2011 and has already indexed more than five years of US based television programming.

In February this year, IntoNow participated in a digital marketing campaign with Pepsi MAX for the Super Bowl and became one of the first “social TV companion” apps to automatically synchronise with an advertisement.

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