A floating John Tsang features in Bowtie campaign about HK insurance choices

Hong Kong insurance company Bowtie has launched a new video to promote the idea of providing affordable products of the Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme initiated by the Hong Kong government.

In the video, John Tsang, senior advisor at Bowtie and the former financial secretary of the HKSAR government, stresses the importance of offering choices over insurance products and expresses his will to walk hand in hand with the Hong Kong people by providing them with medical protection that is “high in protection, low cost, and purely digital”.

The video uses the locally recognisable public figure to mimic an iconic scene from the movie Golden Chicken 2. Nicknamed “Wah Jai”, Tsang took the role originally played by artist Andy Lau, bringing the audience to the future of Hong Kong in 2047. There is even a jibe about his failed election run at the city's chief executive role.


“This video reflected my wish for Hong Kong for the next 30 years. Although there are many things that are still beyond Hongkongers’ control, I hope to promote and inspire the development of innovation and technology, and improve Hongkongers’ livelihood through fundamental measures,” he said.

He also said he would work closely with Bowtie to deepen Hong Kong people’s understanding of insurance through promotional activities, with an aim to ease the pressure on its public healthcare system and to bring real protection to everyone in Hong Kong.

“We believe that Hong Kong people deserve more comprehensive medical protection, and support them in the right of choosing (suitable) insurance products. Bowtie aims to make private medical care more accessible to everyone,” concluded Fred Ngan, co-founder and co-CEO of Bowtie.