Boost shines spotlight on unity during Raya amidst unique times

Like many other brands, the COVID-19 pandemic and Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia hav also led Axiata Digital's lifestyle e-wallet, Boost, to adapt its Hari Raya campaign to the changing times. Titled "Raya tetap raya, buat baik dengan Boost", the music video was filmed using smartphones at each home during the MCO. It features individuals preparing for their Raya celebrations, be it baking snacks or having virtual chats with their friends and relatives to wish them well. The aim of the video is to remind consumers that while festive celebrations are not what they used to be, the meaning behind is still the same and that consumers should focus on strengthening relationships and their health.

Boost's director of product and marketing Ungku Norliza Syazwan Ungku Halmie told A+M in a statement that Boost typically begins crafting its campaign a couple of months earlier to ensure the ideas are well thought through and is relevant to the brand positioning for consumers, partners and merchants. Last year's campaigns focused on providing Malaysians with choices via Boost and rewarding them via its Boost Up loyalty programme. It also kept in mind its overarching focus for Ramadan and Raya, which was centred around 30 Hari 30 Amalan, the launch of e-Zakat and re-introducing Boost e-Duit Raya.

"With this concept in mind, we followed through the umbrella campaign of providing choices but we had to adapt it due to the unforeseen COVID-19 situation. It is still surrounding the idea of giving Malaysians choices, but now offering these options in an innovative way despite the very limited physical movement allowed during the MCO," Ungku Norliza said.

Ungku Norliza said one of the biggest voids during the MCO was the closeness of family and friends, especially during Ramadan and Raya. "We also saw a gap in how Malaysians could help other local communities and charities during the on-going pandemic which coincides with the fasting month," she said.

As such, the team had a long discussion on how it could still create the same "Suasana Hari Raya" despite being in lockdown during Ramadan and Syawal. "We want to bring back the cheer, the hope, the smile, the laugher and the spirit of Hari Raya although in a slightly different manner. That’s where we thought about the concept of Raya Tetap Raya where we can all still celebrate this special occasion with everyone no matter where you are," she explained.

According to Ungku Norliza, there were daily huddles among the team as it worked to refine the storyline as it wanted to still remain sensitive towards the public in general. The team also made sure to further anchor the campaign upon three main pillars - how does it help its customers, merchants and Malaysians as a whole. 

"When there are restrictions, there is always room for creativity. Of course everything has its challenges and this music video is no different. From shooting techniques, timelines, the right song and tune, as well as the meaningful lyrics because it was built from scratch," Ungku Norliza said.

The music video was done together with ADA and its creative director Fero Haizal Karim said the team had to adapt very quickly and brainstormed the new story within a short period of time. It looked at how digital behaviours were changing, and how users were adapting to the new normal. According to him, timeline and feasibility of filming were a factor.

"We had to curate the music, the lyrics had to be written and understood by the market, looked for the perfect partner to execute this in a very strategic manner, and yet still bring out the TV-quality feel," he explained.

Campaign credits:
Project Name: Raya tetap raya, buat baik dengan Boost
Agency: ADA
Client: Boost
Client(s): Ungku Norliza Syazwan Ungku Halmie, Nadiah Affendi, Salihah Noh
Creative Director: Fero Haizal Karim
Art Directors: Yau Yih, Yuen Kin, Idzwan Shah
Copywriters: Hisham Idris (BM), Badiuzzaman Anuar (EN)
Lyrics: Hisham Idris
Music: Ariff Akhir
Producer: Mohd Effendy Harjoh
Head of Account Management: Norshiha Tahir
Servicing: Joanne Mah, Mahirah Dahlan, Eileen Chye, Ahmad Daniel
Production House: Kaz Studio
Film Director: Cru Bannon

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