BMW celebrates 50th anniversary in HK with experiential exhibition

Automobile manufacturer BMW has showcased its new vehicle model BMW X2 in a pop-up exhibition, kicking start a series of celebration activities of the brand’s 50th anniversary in Hong Kong.

Themed “BMW X2 #BeTheOneWhoDares”, the exhibition takes place at the BMW House Showroom in To Kwa Wan, where five interactive zones are set up for the public and car enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the newly designed model.

The pop-up store opens from 24 March to 2 April throughout the Easter holidays.

Branded as BMW X2, the new model vehicle is known for its design that echoes the theme of “Be The One Who Dares”.

The five interaction zones in the pop-up stores include:

“Be Bold”: The “Design Zone” that has a 270-degree 3D shooting device installed on a platform painted with the SUV’s exclusive galvanic gold colour, on which guests are encouraged to be bold and strike a pose.

“Be Wild”: The “Performance Zone” that features a boxing ring with a punching bag where guests can show off their most powerful punch, highlighting the sense of energy that the vehicle brings to the driver.

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“Be Ahead”: The “Innovative Zone” of which the floor displays a kinetic light show that creates a futuristic and techno vibe, emphasising the inventive design and technology that the brand offers.

“Be The One Who Dares”: The “Creative Zone” that allows guests to paint virtual graffiti which gets projected onto a BMW X2 display.

“Trick-Art Zone”: An inverted set up with a display SUV where guests can create optical illusionary photos.

A taste zone is also set up for guests to challenge their taste buds when savouring freshly- made fried ice-cream topped with Tabasco or Wasabi.

Furthermore, visitors are given a chance to win an exclusive BMW X2 Adventure or $1,000 BMW Lifestyle vouchers by joining a hashtag competition. To join, visitors need to upload photos on Instagram or BMW Hong Kong’s Facebook event post comment section with the hashtags #BMWX2 #BeTheOneWhoDares. The competition ends on 21 April.