BLoyalty makes being loyal easy on mobile

Malaysia - BLoyalty, operator of the BCARD loyalty programme, has taken the card to the mobile platform, launching its loyalty programme mobile app, ‘BRewarded on the Go', targeted at the young and outgoing crowd.

In line with the launch, BLoyalty also launched its ‘BRewarded on the Go' campaign to run from 4 December 2012 to 29 January 2013, which requires users to download and share the mobile app via social networks to win prizes and BPoints.

BLoyalty director Gary Yeoh (pictured) said that the move to go mobile comes on the back of a large majority of BCARD members who have embraced digital lifestyles and navigate their daily experiences through smartphones.

While the campaign aims to get more users to embrace the mobile app, Yeoh said that it will utilise its online and social media platforms to reach out to consumers.

Available for free on Android and iOS platforms, the app's features include a merchant geo-locator, profile and transaction details of the member, redemption offers and the latest promotions being held by merchants.

The app, which took four months to produce, was developed by Fireworks Mobile.

Yeoh added that it is working closely with Nokia in launching a Symbian app and with Microsoft in developing a Windows 8 app.

On whether the mobile app will see the physical card being phased out, Yeoh says that will not happen anytime soon as many of its users still do not have smartphones.

BLoyalty is also working on fixing bar code readers in its merchant's outlets nationwide, targeted to be done by the first quarter of next year, allowing for instant redemption by users.

"When our merchant stores have fully adopted the virtual card, then we will gradually phase out the physical cards, but that will not happen in the near future," said Yeoh.

The BCARD currently has half a million members on board and 60 merchant partners, with the aim to add a merchant a month, according to Yeoh. BLoyalty is in the midst of signing up 7-11 as its newest merchant.