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Bloomberg Media launches AI-Powered news feed The Bulletin

Bloomberg Media has launched news feed The Bulletin to provide a summary of the top three stories of the moment, powered by machine learning and AI technology.

The Bulletin leverages machine learning and AI technology to generate a single sentence summary of the most important articles within Bloomberg’s global news network. The personalised list of content and breaking news refreshes each time the app is opened so users can see a new set of summaries. Users can also tap the refresh button to manually load a new list, and click on the summaries for the full text of the articles.

Created by in-house innovation lab BHIVE, the new feature is the result of a survey conducted by BHIVE on consumers’ news consumption habits. Its AI technology leverages natural language processing to scan the full article, moving beyond typical keyword and semantic analysis to understand the true meaning of the article and package it in a way that provides a summary in one sentence that is easy to consume.

BHIVE is a user research and prototyping group made up of designers, engineers, product developers and researchers to explore new products and test new ideas to enhance the experience for today’s digital users. BHIVE explores and tests core business projects that focus on Bloomberg’s day-to-day digital product roadmap, based on extensive user research.

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