Bloomberg and Twitter to incorporate financially relevant content into trading

Bloomberg has launched a real-time feed of curated Twitter data on 19 July. Working with Twitter, the initiative is designed for clients to incorporate financially relevant content into their trading algorithms. In a statement, Bloomberg states that their data will be built on the back of the company’s Natural Language Processing techniques and available through the company’s Event-Driven Feeds (EDF) product.

Tony McManus, chief information officer, Bloomberg said, "Our customers tell us that Twitter data is a vital part of their information-driven trading strategies, helping them uncover early trends and changes in sentiment."

"Our Twitter EDF feed will help quantitative traders to capitalise on Twitter's influence on the markets through constantly evolving curation methodologies,” McManus added.

Bruce Falck, revenue product lead, Twitter said that the company is “excited” to expand their partnership with Bloomberg “to deliver even more value from Twitter data for investment professionals.”

"People come to Twitter for breaking news, and this new, real-time Twitter data feed gives finance professionals an increased ability to find meaningful and relevant news with the speed, quality, and accuracy they expect from Bloomberg,” Falck added.

The initiative follows Bloomberg and Twitter’s previous partnership in Fall 2017, creating the first-ever 24/7 breaking news network that will be global, live, social and streaming.