Biscuit brand Gery MY gets cheeky about the new iPhone in FB post

Apple recently unveiled the new iPhone 11 range, featuring three cameras on the back of the Pro phones and two on the back of the iPhone 11. Gery Malaysia, a biscuit producer that also manufactures cheese crackers, decided to get in on the action by creating iGery featuring its cheese cracker.

In a lighthearted Facebook post, the brand said "Just the right amount of cheese", featuring its cheese cracker the size of the square containing all the iPhone 11 cameras flashing a mega-watt smile. Done in collaboration with Kingdom Digital, the post was also captioned "And then there was iGery. Say cheese!"

In a statement to A+M, Andri Aditya, commercial manager at Garudafood International Division the move was inspired by Apple newest iPhone designs, which featured a triple-lens "slofi" that went viral online. Through the move, he hopes to build brand affinity and increase the perception of the brand as more relevant and engaging to its consumers, especially among the younger generation.

"While triggering trypophobia for some people, others joked about it looking like a fidget spinner or a razor and memes started going around. As a brand targeting the Millennials, we thought it was an apt opportunity to engage with our audience and showcase our brand personality," explained Andri.

The suggestion to ride on the social trend and create a post came from its digital agency, Kingdom Digital. According to Aaron Lee, digital art director at Kingdom Digital, the creative was inspired by the shape of the iPhone’s square camera bump and yellow colourway, which resembles the cheesy crackers. Using that in cohesion with the two new camera modules, the agency matched it with the character that was created to personify the Gery Cheesy Crackers. The headline, meanwhile, puts a creative spin on Apple’s very own line for the iPhone 11 to "relate humorously" to the crackers.

"For us at Kingdom Digital, we see this as a right step in helping Gery strengthening their branding in the online community," added Lee.

As someone with trypophobia, the cute cheese cracker certainly makes the new cameras more bearable to look at.