Birdie Mobile's first-ever tagline spearheads an integrated campaign

Birdie Mobile has unveiled its first-ever tagline “Birdie is unwinding in every way” with an integrated advertising campaign. The hope is that it will amplify the mobile provider's brand message of unwinding freedom and community engagement by bringing greater awareness to millennial mobile users of its “contract-free” services.

In the (we hope intentionally?) goofy-looking advertisement images, the affable Birdie character flies high above Hong Kong with the mobile users that can enjoy Birdie's flexible service plans.

The campaign includes extensive outdoor advertisements across the city's major transport networks, including MTR, bus bodies, and bus shelters. It also encompasses digital advertising on social media, search engines, and display ad networks. Taxi advertisements will also be rolled out in early May to sustain the campaign's momentum.


As the mobile service provider laser-targeting millennial consumers, Birdie Mobile has customised its services to meet millennials’  cash-strapped needs, such as providing flexible services ranging from “Data P2P”, “Travel Data Day Pass”,  and the “Birdie-Get-Birdie” referral scheme, to giveaway programs like “Birdie Friday”.