Biore creates own digital influencer to come across as relatable and authentic

In a bid to promote its Biore Cotton Sheets product, Biore, together with Hakuhodo Singapore has created its own digital influencer. Called Biore Belle, the “influencer” has her own Instagram page, where she touts the benefits of Biore Cotton Sheets, along with beauty tips and updates on her daily “adventures”.

This was told through a series of vignettes via an unfolding panorama. This was formed by a set of connecting images which are seen as one big picture on Biore Belle's Instagram feed. Some posts also include short videos on Biore Belle and how she uses the make up wipes.

Biore Belle Insta

The creators of Biore Belle also aimed for her to be relatable and authentic, in a bid to celebrate real beauty in women. This is opposed to the usual practice of brands building their image around people who are seen as aspiration, but also unachievable at times, the press release stated.

According to Biore and Hakuhodo Singapore, in a span of two months, the brand achieved more than 532,000 impressions and almost 40,000 engagements, whilst cost per clicks was reduced by more than half.

“We wanted to capture the voice of a typical young woman in Singapore, because ultimately Bioré is the friend that you have and like. Together with the Hakuhodo team, we decided to tell the story of a Bioré girl in episodes and on Instagram; breaking the conventional expectations of the functional messaging expected of this category,” Chua Hui Min, Kao Singapore brand manager, said.

“Influencer may seem like a dirty word these days, with larger-than-life characters that people no longer believe in, but to be honest it's the execution that's flawed, not the concept. And so with Bioré Belle we thought, why not have a clean slate and create an identifiable character that people can say, ‘Hey this is me, this is what I do?’” Daphne Boey, associate digital director of Hakuhodo Singapore, said.