Billionaire Magazine Singapore goes online with new platform

Billionaire Magazine Singapore launched, a new online luxury lifestyle platform. While it communicates the brand’s core values it also showcases luxury in a meaningful yet non-ostentatious way.

To complement the existing print publications, the website took a fresh approach to showcase business, finance and passion investments, and provides practical advice from industry leaders. It also offers briefings and opinions on world affairs and gives insight on art and design, culture, philanthropy, vehicles and travel.

Clients on the digital platform currently include DBS Insignia.  On the print side, some of its largest spending clients include Minotti, Embraer Executive Jets, Gulfstream. The current circulation figure for the quarterly print is at 11,000. Online it hopes to reach 35,000 unique monthly visitors by the start of next year.

The team is also looking to grow traffic through engaging content that takes a fresh approach to business, finance and passion investments, providing practical advice from industry leaders and offering briefings and opinions on world affairs. It is also working with key, influential opinion leaders in Singapore who embody the publications core values to provide thought leadership on their specific fields for our readers.

The new website will engage with key opinion leaders to provide thought leaderships on their specific fields from entrepreneurship, investments and philanthropy to design, food and culture.

Daniel Hilarion Lim, managing editor of the magazine and the website, said, “Singapore has seen dynamic growth over the past few years and, as a result, has become a vibrant hub for entrepreneurs, innovators, wealth generators, social enterprises and start-ups.”

He added, “The website enables us to connect and engage with these like-minded, forward-thinking individuals, while providingthem with a platform for collaboration in Singapore. Being the local edition of an international magazine, we have the unique opportunity reinterpret what it means to be a ‘Billionaire’ reader in Singapore.”