Billboard amplifies its Asian expansion with entry into the Philippines

Billboard, the global leader for charts, news, business, lifestyle and innovations in music, announced a strategic expansion into the Asian media markets in partnership with the AlgoRhythm Communications Inc, based in Manila, Philippines. AlgoRhythm was founded by Jun Sy, CEO of the Tao Group, and Manny de Luna, CEO of ActivAsia Inc., both well-established Philippine companies. AlgoRhythm is a communications syndicate involved in content creation, curation and data analysis for the music, film, and digital platforms.

Under the terms of the partnership, Billboard will offer the Philippine market a full suite of media products and services, ranging from Philippine-focused digital content, including social media and apps, internet radio, and Billboard-branded licensed conferences.

John Amato, President of Billboard, said, “We are very excited to partner with AlgoRhythm. We believe they are a perfect fit for us, as we enter this compelling music market. Their years of experience, strong team and understanding of the local market – and of the Billboard brand – makes them an ideal partner.”

Jonathan Serbin, Head of Asia for Billboard, continued, “The Philippines is an exciting market for Billboard. With over 100 million people and an extremely strong music culture, it is a natural step for the next phase of our Asian expansion. With AlgoRhythm, we hope to be the leader platform enabling fans to discover great music and follow the artists they love.”

Jun Sy, Chairman of AlgoRhythm, stated, “We are thrilled to partner with Billboard to bring this incredible music brand into the Philippines. The Billboard name has long resonated in this country, and now we can bring it directly to the Philippine audience.”

Manny de Luna, President & CEO of AlgoRhyhm, added, “We plan to launch a full range of Billboard media services, including a music news and information website, mobile applications, social media, and other complementary platforms. We hope to quickly become the “go to” place for both international and Filipino music.”