The big winners from China's mobile Olympics

A mobile Olympics? If it had to happen, why not China. China's Mobile App Olympic Games were held towards the end of 2015 and after fierce competition, several apps stood out from the pack.

China's App Olympics 1

Social apps: Tencent occupied nearly 70% of mobile IM market in China with WeChat and QQ, surpassing competitors with an absolute advantage.

China's App Olympics 2

E-commerce apps: Taobao was taking the lead. Taobao vs vs Suning = 100:10:1

China's App Olympics 3

Takeout ordering apps: the result should come as no surprise as Meituan Waimai opened up to more opportunities after the merger with Dianping.

China's App Olympics 4

Video apps: there was a close fight between Tencent and iQiyi. Who would be the champion?

China's App Olympics 5

Car calling apps: Didi Dache was standing on first place. The number of active users of Uber is surprisingly only one-seventh of Didi Dache’s. Dida Pinche was closely following Uber.

China's App Olympics 6

News apps: finally surpassed Tencent News and became the first place. was amongst the top three with the support of Phoenix New Media and XiaoMi.

China's App Olympics 7

Music apps: new landscape was formed under the competitions over copyrights. Kugou vs Kuwo; QQ vs NetEase; Xiami vs Tiantian Dongting. Veteran Kugou was still taking the lead. But QQ was seeing an exponential growth.

China's App Olympics 8

Finance apps: Moving completely from PC to mobile, three stock apps have made into Top 10.

China's App Olympics 9

Photography apps: Meitu Family occupied half of the list. But GIF Show made its way through and snatched the crown.

China's App Olympics 10

Game apps: remove everything game and card game Chinese Poker are both favourites of netizens, making up half of the ranking.

Which apps have eventually taken the crown? Click to see the results.

Source: CheetahGlobalLab