Best practices to navigate your business during challenging times

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In these challenging times, you need to rethink your communication strategy to stay relevant to your customers.

Here’s a clear messaging guideline that could help your business engage effectively with customers today.

Crises consumer psychology

First of all, it’s important to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and empathise with them, and thus, provide them with crucial news and updates that are helpful and of value to them.

Speaking versus connecting

Connections made during a crisis are often remembered.

Brand voices need to be loyal to their original brand voice and products or services they have to offer; connected with the situation around them; and speak, not just to thousands of their consumers, but to each individual in a simple and relatable way.

What has changed

  • Consumer behaviour – this may just turn out to be a permanent change.
  • The way brands are communicating.
  • The messaging and the relevance of the product or service offered.
  • The need to emphasise online and digital conveniences.
  • Brand positioning during crises.
  • Finer targeting of consumers.
  • The medium of communication.

What hasn’t changed

  • Your consumer base and loyalty members.
  • Consumer needs.
  • Emotions.
  • Staying true to your brand voice.
  • Cutting through the clutter.
  • Keeping messaging clear, short and digestible.
  • Staying focused and value-driven.

Best practices

Consumers at times like these need more than just messaging, they need to feel connected to your brand.

Times like these deserve more than just messaging, they deserve connections. Download our e-book on Best Practices to know more.


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