Berjaya Sompo Insurance partners LOL Events and gets on spotify to engage consumers

Berjaya Sompo Insurance, a Malaysian general insurance provider, will take on a "Sompo Cares" approach that focuses on laughter, music, food, fitness, and nature.  This comes as the company embarks on a long-term effort to promote health and well-being among all Malaysians.

To further its mission of promoting laughter, Berjaya Sompo recently partnered with LOL Events  to unveil a Laughter Yoga Campaign. The campaign kicked off in July 2019 and will run until October 2019 with four sessions of instructor-guided classes in which the public can sign up for free and one session is open to Berjaya Sompo staff members.

The company has also created six branded profile playlists on Spotify to such as ‘Chillax’ for relaxing, ‘Wanderlust’ for travel, ‘Vroom’ for driving, ‘Beats’ for workout, ‘LOL’ for laughter and ‘Asia’ for Asian songs. The company intends to use to music as a strategy to capture the younger target audience of millennials, Gen Y and Z, who according to the press release, use music to express their emotions.

Berjaya Sompo has also also collaborated with celebrity chef Nik Michael Imran and actress Chelsia Ng to further amplify the importance of well being. The collaboration aims to highlight how simple activities such as laughing, listening to music, eating the right food, exercising and spending time in nature can help improve one's overall mood in terms of happiness. The company has also created two videos on what challenges and motivates the local personalities and the passion in their lives. These will be released on YouTube and LinkedIn in late August.