Be moved by Sony's latest micro films series

In its latest content marketing effort, Sony Hong Kong has embarked on a branding series of micro films, themed "BE MOVED", with digital ambitions to get netizens emotionally engaged.

The two micro films are published on YouTube and Facebook platforms.

The latest headphones micro film produced by director Adam Wong (黃修平) has attracted more than 310K views, 1,590 shares, approximately 120 comments and 3.5K likes on Facebook in less than a week.

Posted the day before the Mid-Autumn festival, Adam's micro film encourages busy urban dwellers to cherish every moment with their beloved ones, especially during festive seasons when family members get together to share happiness. The brand's noise cancelling headphones MDR-1000X plays a role of delivering the voices shared between mother and daughter in the film.

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Similarly, the micro film made debut around the Father's Day also pays tribute to parents. Produced by Ryan Lau (柳俊江), the film tells a story between father and son, and highlights how Sony's TV products have been accompanying local families over decades. The film has recorded 330K views, 4.1K likes, 1.1K shares and 140 comments.

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Simois Ng, head of marketing communications, Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Limited, said they would like to highlight the core value of "family focus" with the presence of the latest producti n each film. "We hope our products enable customers to enjoy happy moments with their family and between generations. Those memories are most treasured," he said.


Video by Adam Wong Ryan Lau
Agency Secret Tour (HK) Lauyeah Production
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