BBC inks deal with FedEx Express to create global trade TV series

BBC Global News has signed a commercial sponsorship and branded content deal with FedEx Express to offer global trade content.

The new series Made on Earth explores the story of the world’s remarkable and ever adapting trading networks which help businesses reach billions of potential customers around the world, revealing key moments, worldwide shifts, and changing trends happening in the industries involved in creating eight everyday products, namely spices, paper, coffee, flowers, whisky, handbags, bicycles, and semiconductors.

“International trade plays a crucial role in providing people around the world with access to products which enhance their daily lives, so we are delighted to join up with such a prestigious global brand as FedEx Express to offer audiences this fascinating insight into the vast trading networks which shape the way in which we all live," said Sean O’Hara, executive vice president of BBC StoryWorks and Advertising.

Under the partnership, FedEx Express will become the exclusive sponsor of this new TV and digital series. The series will also be subtitled into local languages to appear on international BBC News sites, including BBC Afrique, BBC Brasil, BBC Chinese, BBC Mundo, and in Japan.

The partnership also includes a dedicated website which features articles, links, and episodes on the BBC’s dedicated video streaming section, BBC Reel, and a series of commercial films created by BBC StoryWorks, BBC Global News’ commercial content-marketing division. The first run of the series is expected to be out in autumn.

“Global trade is our business.  The unique combination of the BBC’s compelling storytelling and worldwide reach will ensure that the subject of international trade will make an impact with audiences globally," said Brie Carere, FedEx Corporation executive vice president and chief marketing and communications officer.