Bata tackles existing consumer perceptions of the brand in a bid to modernise

Bata Malaysia, in partnership with IPG Mediabrands' Reprise, has launched a new campaign that aims to transform the established perceptions of the brand. The campaign also aims to showcase its refreshed collection of chic and comfortable footwear.

Titled “Come & Be Surprised”, the 95-second video features three urban young adults talking about their past perceptions of the Bata brand before being surprised by the catalogue offered in a Bata store. The video has been posted on Bata’s Facebook page, garnering 42k views, 551 reacts, 36 comments and 53 shares at the time of writing.

“Our vision was to modernise the existing product offerings and store experience to meet the ever-evolving consumers’ preferences. The 'Come & Be Surprised' testimonial video is to communicate this development and we welcome all Malaysians to visit our stores to check out our new trendy collections for themselves,” Ajay Ramachandran, country manager, Bata Malaysia said.

Ramachandran added that part of the Bata revamp includes the introduction of a more innovative style and enhanced in-store engagement experience featuring a contemporary ambience. In a statement to A+M, Bata Malaysia's spokesperson said it has fine-tuned the music playlist of its stores as well as equip stores with vibrant digital advertisement videos all as part of its revamp.

Bata Malaysia also commented on the young adult market as having "lot of potential". According to a market survey Bata Malaysia did with IPSOS, the revamp saw positive perception from consumers, with most female audiences seeing Bata as more modern and relevant.

This campaign follows Bata's earlier collaboration with Aldo Group to launch the line of shoes, “Bata Red Label – the ultimate red to have”, targeted at the urban crowd aged 20 to 35 through social media platforms such as Facebook, social media influencer campaigns. The launch aimed to combine the latest fashions with comfort at affordable prices and was available in Bata Malaysia from March 2018.