Bank Rakyat launches mobile lifestyle app for Muslim consumers

Bank Rakyat has launched a mobile application, Barakah, in a bid to capture the attention of Muslim consumers in Malaysia.  According to the New Straits Times, the app contains information to complement the Islamic lifestyle for members of the public and is approved by Bank Rakyat’s Syariah Committee.

Some features of the new app include verses from the Quran and information on the various Zakat rates in different Malaysian states. It also helps users locate the nearest mosque through the GPS function.

In a statement to NST, Bank Rakyat explained that the free app is part of the bank’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme. This was said by Nizam Abu Samah, the bank’s public relations and corporate branding manager, who added that the app is also part of the brand’s first steps into using technology to spread positive messages in the community.

The mobile app will be rolled out in several phases, increasing in features. The second phase, which will be released in October, will help address the needs of Muslim travellers. For example, it will provide listings of halal restaurants overseas and also e-books. It will also include haj and umrah guides for Muslim consumers. According to NST, the third phase will be slated for launch in early-2018 with more features.

A+M has reached out to the bank for comment.