Backick kicks around discounts

What happens when you put together a passion for travel and a society who loves networking on social media? The result is backick, the first-of-its-kind online hotel booking site that offers discount-sharing features that reward Facebook users.

Going by the mantra "it pays to be popular", backick is a social reward scheme that allows travellers to monetise their social media connections and build a self-propagating network of hotel discounts and cash rewards.

When users book a hotel on backick, a 5% discount coupon will be shared with his or her Facebook friends. When Facebook friends use these discounts, they kick back discount coupons and cash rewards called 'backicks'. The more friends use backick, the more the rewards.

"Social influences and recommendations continue to have an impact on how and where we travel," said Corrinne Koh, head of marketing at backick.

"Instead of paying advertising platforms like Google or TripAdvisor to drive traffic, we would give the cash rewards back to consumers to share with their friends and in return, they enjoy free travel," Koh added.

Headquartered in Singapore, backick is conceptualised and owned by AirAsiaExpedia, a joint venture between online travel company, Expedia Inc. and low cost airline, AirAsia.

backick is accessible globally in nine languages and 11 Asia Pacific currencies including Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan and Korea.

Travellers can choose from backick's inventory of more than 100,000 hotels worldwide with offers of up to 80% off basic hotel rates.