AXA brings Dr Chiu to support Hongkongers during times of pandemic

At a Glance

  • Goal: The campaign expressed care to not just its valuable customers but the general public through professional information on a one-stop-shop portal, via which AXA builds rapport with varying stakeholders in society.
  • Solution: AXA launched a pandemic-themed portal on Yahoo in early February 2020, featuring informative interactive content on COVID-19 laced with messages centering on AXA’s expertise in health protection plus its zeal to support Hong Kong during times of crisis.
  • Results: As the first insurance brand to partner with Yahoo TV, the campaign’s live broadcast saw 100k+ views only four days since its launch. Its “Return to Office” series saw 1.3m+ views, while the “Ask Dr Chiu” articles garnered 654k+ views. This campaign also received remarkable results at the Verizon Media Asia Big Idea Chair Awards 2020.

Ask Dr Chiu
When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Hong Kong in January 2020, everyone went into panic mode and was filled with questions as to what to do next. AXA reacted fast and responded to market needs. To highlight its professional prowess and preparedness for the pandemic, AXA partnered with Yahoo to launch a content series of 20 articles written by AXA’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Alex Chiu, dubbed “Dr Chiu抗疫解碼” in early February 2020. The content series is one of the key topics in Yahoo’s COVID-19 supplement, which is accessible through Yahoo News, Yahoo Native Ads, Yahoo Homepage Feature and Yahoo News’ Facebook page.

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Topics in the advisory articles revolved around questions popular among the general public, such as the precautions of wearing and storing a mask, kindergarten class suspension, COVID, its effects on the lungs and more. Of the cautionary write-ups, one involved eight prominent tips for returning to the office, debut in March when the cases were starting to simmer down. These included: “don’t abuse N95 masks”, “staying optimistic”, “ways to safely take the elevator” and more. The article was helmed with a link to the AXA website to the company’s inhouse COVID-19 portal to continue the audience journey.

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Final Kick with Video
After solidifying Dr Chiu’s professional and trusted image in the market, AXA grows its “Dr Chiu抗疫解碼” page with “Ask Dr Chiu醫療健康資訊” video channel on Yahoo TV, featuring three informative clips on the Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (VHIS) that answer frequent questions about the scheme, its details and logistics as well as the underwriting process.

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Doctor is in the House
By mid-April, AXA evolved to become the first insurance brand to host a live broadcast with Yahoo. Named “Dr Chiu 抗疫 Live Talk”, the program was broadcasted across Facebook and Yahoo TV with featured guests Lee Chun Ho – a prominent athlete on the Hong Kong Karate Team and survivor of COVID-19 – and Dr Ludwig Tsoi - a frontline A&E unit medical staff and a participant in the Wuhan repatriation of Hongkongers.

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The three professionals discussed their experiences coping with the pandemic and shared words of encouragement for Hongkongers to continue the fight across the Yahoo front page, mobile notifications and prominent social media channels.

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The campaign received 100k+ cumulative views four days after its launch. Namely, its “Return to Office” series saw 1.3m+ views, while the “Ask Dr Chiu” articles garnered 654k+ views. This campaign was also named merit at the Verizon Media Asia Big Idea Chair Awards 2020 plus three other awards including Best Branded Content Campaign Outstanding Award, Best Video Strategy Outstanding Award, as well as the Best Partnership Strategy Merit Award for their “Ask Dr Chiu” content series.

This article is contributed by Verizon Media.