AXA serves up global campaign featuring Serena Williams

AXA Insurance has launched a “Know you can” global integrated campaign, featuring tennis champion Serena Williams. Embodying success and self-belief, the campaign builds on Williams’ iconic journey as well as customer empowerment stories.

Williams shares snippets of overcoming health complications from childbirth and making a career comeback in 2017. The campaign video also shows Williams as a young kid holding a tennis racket and as a teen playing professionally in court. Also part of the campaign, rap artist Nas unveiled a song “I Can” that is played on the background of all the stories from various athletes.

Other empowerment stories are shared by South African swimmer Achmat Hassiem as well as Liverpool players Mohamed Salah, Niamh Charles, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Dejan Lovren. Marketing has reached out to AXA for additional information.

Watch Williams’ story here:

Claude Seigne, CEO of AXA Thailand General Insurance said the campaign symbolises AXA’s promise to help people feel more confident to achieve their goals and realise their dreams.

“I believe that our new tagline ‘Know You Can’ can resonate well with our customers aspirations. It is a clear and empathetic message that can fuel people’s self-belief so that they are closer to their goals. We don’t just help people overcome problems; as an encouraging partner, we also help them overcome doubt and feel confident they can go towards their better life,” she added.

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