AXA is recognised at DigiZ Awards 2021 for supporting Hongkongers to be a 'BetterMe' during hard times

Due to the pandemic, Hongkongers now see the added importance of leading a healthier life. As an encouraging partner who strives to help Hongkongers become more confident in achieving their goals, AXA has created a holistic health and wellbeing platform BetterMe which offers a comprehensive suite of programmes and services, covering physical wellness support, mental wellbeing support and disease management. In addition to the Emma by AXA campaign, AXA took home five awards at DigiZ Awards 2021, including two silvers and three bronzes.

axa sammi chengWhile Hongkongers live busy lives, it is often coupled with a lot of stress. Due to the global pandemic, social distancing and lockdowns, everyone has had to make hard adjustments to adapt to the new normal. At the same time, this has created space for some to start having their own “me time”.  Leveraging the importance of it, AXA's BetterMe strived to be the health partner for Hongkongers by equipping them with a suite of value-added services and experiences to strengthen one’s mind, body and better me

Andrea Wong, chief marketing and customer officer of AXA Hong Kong and Macau, explained, “It is our mission to stand by our customers to help them rise to the challenge with confidence and become a 'Better Me'. Moreover, AXA wants to inject more positivity to the people of Hong Kong amid the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic."

With this thinking, singer Sammi Cheng (nickname “Mi”) was chosen to be the face of the AXA BetterMe campaign. She took on the role of being a health partner as she is enthusiastic about her life and lives a healthy lifestyle.

In the video series, Sammi Cheng tapped into some common habits among Hongkongers, such as attending the gym but not staying on machines for a meaningful duration, yielding to temptations and ordering unhealthy food when dining out, and always taking care of others but not themselves. The depiction of these everyday episodes has resonated very well with the audience and has encouraged them to take steps to improve by leveraging the AXA BetterMe features. The online videos were proven to be highly effective in engaging with consumers during the pandemic, and the video ads disseminated across different channels such as YouTube, programmatic video channels and third party social have reached a board spectrum of audience to heighten awareness.

axa vincci cheukApart from featuring Sammi Cheng, we also leveraged famous influencers including Hanjin Tan and Vincci Cheuk Wan-chi, as well as impactful content platforms to demonstrate how they use the AXA BetterMe features to create their own “me time”. For example, Hanjin Tan captured himself using the meditation sequence and shared his experience through social.

axa hanjinThese engagements were amplified throughout the city, motivating Hongkongers to take actions to improve their own wellbeing.

The results spoke for itself. The campaign achieved over 90 million impressions and drove over 100,000 visitors to our site who were eager to find out more. The key was that over 80% of audiences liked our campaign and found it resonating with their daily lives, proving that no matter how tough and challenging the situation is, with the right encouragement and support from AXA, “Anyone can be a BetterMe”.

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