AXA Hong Kong launches new fintech Design & Experience Centre

AXA Hong Kong has collaborated with \Accenture and launched the new AXA Design & Experience Centre in One Island East in Quarry Bay, followed by more fintech development this year.

The opening of the AXA Design & Experience Centre enhances the overall customer experience, and reinforces AXA's business advantage in the market, the press release said. AXA Hong Kong will integrate brand-new design elements and customer-centric innovations into its products and services.

"AXA Hong Kong is rapidly transforming to become a tech-led company. An important milestone of this strategy is the launch of the AXA Design & Experience Centre, which can quickly turn new ideas into prototypes for evaluation. This significantly reduces the time to market for our products and services, and greatly fosters innovative insurance solutions, as well as humanising the customer experience." said Etienne Bouas-Laurent, CEO of AXA Hong Kong.

AXA Hong Kong announced that it will invest approximately HK$200 million in fintech development this year, tripling its 2017 commitment.

Fintech is certainly the trend for development in the industry. AXA Hong Kong is progressively utilising big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and digital technologies to provide simpler and more personalised services to its customers.

Apart from the opening of the Design & Experience Centre, AXA Hong Kong also recently launched its transparent customer feedback (TCF) platform, which allows AXA customers to freely publish their opinions and rate services on the corporate website.

Andy Clachers, chief operating officer of AXA Hong Kong, said: “The TCF initiative aims at building transparency and trust with our customers. This is a strategic initiative and significant milestone for AXA Hong Kong which enables us to openly engage our customers and seek instant customer feedback across all moments of truth for all business lines. This further enables us to deliver outstanding service while empowering our customers to live a better life.”

The TCF platform has been introduced to Life customers and will gradually be rolled out to other business groups as well.