Serena Williams holds court in AXA's “Know You Can” global integrated campaign

AXA has launched a global integrated campaign with a new tagline entitled “Know You Can”. It features US professional tennis player Serena Williams sharing her life story. The ad aims to put an emphasis on AXA’s shift from the protection business into the empowerment business - helping customers to live a better life.

Launched on 2 February in Germany, the campaign rolled out in Hong Kong today. It will be deployed in France this spring, followed by other markets across Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

The campaign aims to encourage “self-belief” by focusing on various aspects of Serena Williams’ life story; as an athlete, mother and businesswoman who throughout her career has never ceased to fight to achieve her dreams.

To engage the audience further with Serena William’s “Know You Can” journey, she also shares her experiences of self-belief through an exclusive interview available in several parts on the campaign landing page.

The creative idea, developed by Publicis, also expresses an insight that people can resonate with. Building on Serena Williams’ iconic journey, the campaign showcases other customer empowerment stories, alongside the song “I Can” by iconic rap artist Nas.

Marcelo Vergara, executive creative director at Publicis Conseil, explained, “Each time you prepare yourself to achieve something big, each time you face a challenge, you prepare yourself to go further the next time. So, we illustrated these moments when you needed self-belief in your past life and show how they’ve built your determination to help you succeed today.”

Etienne Bouas-Laurent, CEO of AXA Hong Kong and Macau, said in Hong Kong and Macau, the new tagline "Know You Can" is translated into three strategic directions which govern what AXA delivers: offering innovative insurance solutions, humanising customer experience and strengthening its agency network.

This integrated campaign has been conceived as an immersive “Know You Can” experience, and rolled out across TV, cinema, POS, OOH, DOOH and digital content leading to a local AXA brand corporate landing page.

Paul Bennett, global brand director of AXA, said, “We want to give a clear and empathetic message that whatever is important to people, whatever dreams large or small, whatever doubt or anxiety they may have, through our actions and our partnership, we can fuel their self-belief so that they are closer to their goals. We don’t just help people overcome problems, as an encouraging partner, we help them overcome doubt and feel confident they can go towards their better life.”

[caption id="attachment_248488" align="alignnone" width="700"] Photo credit: Jean Yves Lemoigne[/caption]