Authorities look to block sex blogger's Facebook page

Malaysian communications and multimedia commission (MCMC) authority has asked the public to refrain from sharing content from fugitive sex blogger Alvin Tan’s Facebook page. It has also reached out to Facebook to remove the page.

In a statement on its Facebook page it said:

"We condemn the irresponsible act of Alvin Tan on FB and find his actions distasteful. We have made a complaint to FB and have requested FB to immediately remove the page as we believe it is also against their terms and conditions of service. We remind the public to refrain from sharing sensitive content which may offend others."

Advertising + Marketing has reached out to Facebook for comments on if or not it would be shutting the page.

Tan, in an interview with The Rakyat Post said that while the MCMC had the right to request the removal of his Facebook page, he doubted it would work.

“I wouldn’t be too optimistic that Facebook would accede to such anti-First Amendment request.

“Not only is Facebook headquartered in the United States, which is liberal, it is also headquartered in Palo Alto, near San Francisco, arguably the US’s most liberal city,” according to the article.

According to news site The Malay Mail Online, the fugitive Malaysian blogger has been charged with several offenses and is seeking asylum in the US.

Other than chronicling his sexual behaviour with his partner, Tan also released a controversial Hari Raya greeting involving pork dish “bak kut teh” which was offensive to many of Muslim Malaysians.  The post landed Tan in trouble with the authorities after which he was charged under the Sedition Act and the Film Censorship Act.

The Malay insider also reported that Tan had slammed Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak earlier last month calling him a "coward" and superimposed pig snouts on pictures of Najib, his wife and several other high ranking officials.

(Photo courtesy: Facebook page Alvivi)