Australian Day campaign featuring girls in hijab to appear across the nation

The Australian public has come under global spotlight because of a billboard celebrating Australia Day.

The campaign in Melbourne initially came under fire for featuring two young Muslim girls wearing a hijab. According to The Telegraph, the campaign was part of the Victorian Government's initiative to promote Australia Day events in the city. However shortly after the electronic billboard was put up, company QMS received abuse and as such, pulled it down.

Robin Scott, Victoria's Minister for Multicultural Affairs, was quoted on The Telegraph saying that the comments were "of an abusive and threatening nature".

The removal of the campaign sparked further outrage for being intolerant and a crowdfunding campaign soon emerged. The crowdfunding campaign was created by the Campaign Edge advertising agency, and asked that the photographs of the girls be reprinted on posters and in an Australia Day campaign.

Seeing the initial success and seeing more than AU$120,000 donation pour in in 24 hours, the campaign then boldly proposed that billboards with the girls faces be splashed across the country.

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