Audi's ironclad branding efforts get underway

Audi Hong Kong is stepping up its marketing efforts after separating from Dah Chong Hong Holdings, starting with a marketing tie up with Iron Man 3.

Hong Kong, the second biggest market for Audi in Asia after China, marked a record-breaking 77% sales growth with 558 vehicles sold in March, the strongest first quarter in its history.

Last night's launch event with Iron Man 3 marks the brand's first branding effort for Audi Hong Kong.

"Hong Kong is a showcase for China market as Hong Kong is a regional hub," Reinhold Carl, managing director of Audi Hong Kong said.

Carl started his role with the auto brand in January and concrete marketing plans are yet to be finalised. For now, the German car brand will focus on differentiating itself from Dah Cheong Holdings, and all future advertising will be grouped under Audi Hong Kong.

"All Audi Hong Kong needs is time," he added. "We are still on an early stage for any major marketing pushes."