Audi shows off e-tron electric vehicle at Pacific Place HK pop-up

Audi has opened a pop-up store to Hong Kong’s Pacific Place mall in Admiralty, providing visitors with a chance to see the Audi e-tron electric vehicle, as well as a preview of what the brand is describing as a “mystery model”.

This event - running from 12 to 18 September - marks the third time Audi has set up a pop-up store at the mall and is representative of a  larger strategy by the brand to provide in-person viewings of its products outside of the traditional showroom setting.

“Breaking the boundaries of constraints on location and space, our new strategic approach gives us the flexibility to bring customers closer to the brand as well as cater to the ever-evolving landscape of consumer engagement and business environment. Staying true to our commitment to always be at the forefront of innovation, Audi Hong Kong’s third pop-up store demonstrates our dedication to drive transformation in Hong Kong’s automotive industry and engage our customers all over the city.” said managing director of Audi Hong Kong, Lothar Korn.

Front and centre of the event is the Audi e-tron, an all-electric full-size SUV, a vehicle tapping into the concerns of eco-conscious consumers with its boast of zero local emissions. Nothing, however, is known about the big tease that is the events mystery model on display for private preview.

Audi’s pop-up has a secondary function beyond showing off these examples of the auto maker’s wares, in that it’s also intended to build hype for Audi’s Brand Event taking place later in the month. Attendees at the store can register for a chance to test drive new vehicles at the Brand Event, where a series of flagship and high-performance cars will be displayed.