Astro Radio remains Malaysia's No.1 radio operator

Astro Radio has recorded its highest share of listenership in nine years (after 16 consecutive surveys) with a 55% share of voice in the market.

According to the recent Nielsen Radio Audience Measurement (RAM) survey results, it has retained its leadership position as Malaysia’s No.1 radio operator with a weekly listener base of 12.645 million, said the broadcaster.

The survey result also announced that the No.1, No.2 and No.3 stations in the country belong to Astro Radio. Astro Radio continues to lead the industry with ERA firm strengthening its No.1 position with 5.2 million listeners, THR (Gegar & Raaga) at No.2 with 3.5 million listeners and SINAR at No. 3 with 3.4 million listeners. THR Gegar continues to be the favourite No.1 station in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, which includes states of Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang with 1.6 million listeners, and THR Raaga also maintains its stronghold as the No.1 Tamil station with 1.8 million listeners.

ERA fm, hitz fm, MY FM and THR Raaga continue their reign as the No.1 radio stations in the Malay, English, Chinese and Tamil language respectively.

Chief executive officer of Astro Radio, Dr Jake Abdullah said that in order to deliver on needs of the evolving audience of today, Astro Radio needs to be more localised, implement aggressive content and marketing strategies aside from constantly doing research on its audience.

“On behalf of Astro Radio we would like to thank our sponsors, partners and advertisers for their continued support. We will continue to strive in maintaining our leadership in the industry. As part of our Go Beyond strategy, we will continue to provide our listeners with an industry-leading entertainment experience irrespective of platform. Today, listeners can access Astro Radio 24/7 on the go through our mobile apps and web players, making it truly accessible anywhere, anytime for anybody.” he added

Astro Radio’s key findings include:

Bahasa Malaysia Radio Stations

ERA fm increased its audience reach to 5.2 million listeners. Breakfast with Johan, Haniff & Ray grew yet again and now has 3 million listeners weekly, while Drive with Adi & Zahid attracted 2.7 million listeners. ERA fm has an Average Audience of 272,000 for every 15mins. Exclusive Audience for ERA fm increased from 1.1 million to 1.7 million and TSL for the station grew to 8hrs 47mins.

THR Gegar maintained its dominant position in the East Coast as the No.1 station with 1.6 million listeners. It recorded an Average Audience of 121,000 and Exclusive Audience of 623,000. 

SINAR fm: The 2nd most listened to Bahasa Malaysia station in the nation reaches 3.4 million listeners. Its breakfast show recorded 1.7 million listeners. SINAR fm’s Exclusive Audience is 846,000 and its TSL is 9hrs 52mins per week.

Chinese Radio Stations

MY FM grew to 2.2 million listeners. Breakfast recorded 1.3 million while Drive recorded 1.2 million. Jack, Mei Yan & Jeff retained the position of the No.1 Chinese Breakfast show in the country for their 10th successive survey. MY FM increased its Exclusive Audience to 1.2 million with the station attracting an Average Audience of 117,000 every 15 minutes. TSL for MY FM totaled 9hrs 04mins per week.

MELODY FM recorded an increase in loyal Chinese listeners who listen for longer periods of time. MELODY FM’s CUME settled at 313,000 listeners, while Exclusive Audience increased from 83,000 to 110,000. The Station’s Average Audience was 20,000 and its TSL improved from 9hrs 12mins to 10hrs 36mins.

English Radio Stations

hitz fm remains the No.1 English Radio Station in the country its audience growing to 1.2 million listeners. It has the No.1 English breakfast and drive shows with 427,000 and 602,000 listeners respectively. hitz fm recorded an Exclusive Audience of 142,000 with a TSL of 5hrs 12mins.

MIX fm recorded a sharp increase in urban affluent listeners with a total audience of 371,000 listeners. Breakfast with Sarimah and The Rod grew from 122,000 to 140,000 with Drive also recording an increase from 157,000 to 192,000. MIX fm’s Exclusive Audience is 27,000 and TSL increased to 6hrs 01min.

LiteFM: A record 51% listenership increase for newly launched Breakfast Show with Steve and Shazmin, after just 1 month of being on air.  LiteFM also achieved the highest TSL amongst all English stations with an impressive 13hrs 10mins per week and an Exclusive Audience of 58,000.

Tamil Radio Station

THR Raaga, Malaysia’s top Tamil Station continued its reign as the country’s top Tamil station with 1.8 million listeners. The station’s exclusive audience is 927,000 and its average audience increased to 192,000.