Astro Radio refreshes 11 brands to align with new brand promise

Astro has refreshed all of its 11 radio brands as part of its effort to align with its new brand promise. Starting 2 January 2018, the radio brands which includes ERA, MY, HITZ, MIX, LITE, SINAR, RAAGA, GEGAR, MELODY, ZAYAN and GOXUAN, will no longer use the ‘FM’ suffix. The stations will also take on a new logo.

In a statement, Astro's spokesperson said the move serves to align its radio brands with its new brand promise "to engage fans across multiple platforms with content that resonates with all segments of the population."

"Radio today is interactive and social, it has transcended from merely ‘FM’ broadcasting to include video content, social conversations, news, traffic updates, podcast and talk shows, movie reviews, live concerts and community events," it added.

Datuk Jake Abdullah, chief executive officer of Astro Radio said over the years, social media has proven to be a great platform to engage with its fans. "Delivering content in this digital age means; engaging with our fans through various interactive platforms that drive talkability and social engagement. Platforms like these enable us to build a community of fans centered on tastemakers, such as our own talent who are household names," he said.

He added, the stations currently reach 16.3 million fans on social media on a weekly basis. It also launched Watch Radio ethos, to further boosts its radio’s transformation from a pure audio experience to one that is multi-faceted. In 2017 alone, there are about 619.8 million views gathered from the videos created from these 11 brands.