Astro builds up Malay content base

In an effort to strengthen its foothold in the arts industry, Astro's four main channels, Astro Ria (channel 104), Astro Prima (channel 105), Astro Warna (channel 132) and Astro Oasis (channel 106), will now hosts a slew of Malay dramas.

To cater to the wide range of audience, each channel carries a different genre of drama. Existing drama slots includes Mega Drama, that carries a light romantic drama genre on Astro Ria and Ria HD (123). Astro also features Tiara on channel Astro Prima. The latest addition to the drama slot is Skrin Komedia on Astro Warna and Mustika HD (134).

Moreover, Astro Oasis has also introduced their own drama slot called Raihana which will start on 3 April 2017. Both slots, Tiara and Raihana can be also watched on Channels Maya HD (135).

“An increase in demand for Malay dramas is increasingly rising. These can be proved by the extraordinary welcome received from the audience when a drama is aired and it is not something new in the industry,” said channel head for Malay segment, Raqim Ahmad.

“Success that was achieved through dramas on Astro Ria and Astro Prima reinforces our desire to continue and elevate Malay dramas to a higher level. With the addition of these two drama slots, more dramas can be watched by viewers and at the same time open more opportunities for our local artists to work. Given that each drama slot has its own genre, we will maintain the original element of a drama that is broadcasted on each channel,” he said.

“This effort will not only offer more dramas to viewers on all four main channels, it has also given direct access to Malay dramas to all Astro customers,” he added.