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Aspire Lifestyles’ silver recognition: Award-winning customer service that goes above and beyond

Aspire Lifestyles’ silver recognition: Award-winning customer service that goes above and beyond

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This post is sponsored by Aspire Lifestyles.

Aspire Lifestyles APAC won silver in the Best eCommerce Customer Service category at the 2022 Asia eCommerce Awards, which recognises excellence in eCommerce across countries in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

The company won the award in recognition of its “high-touch digital concierge” services.

“Aspire Lifestyles’ commitment to excellence extends beyond traditional customer service channels,” said Matthew Squires (pictured below), CEO of Aspire Lifestyles’ APMEA region.

“We are proud to offer our high-net-worth clients a seamless digital experience from self-serve travel and dining to the convenience of a personalised service with a live concierge chat.

“We understand our customers’ time is precious and that is why we have made it easier than ever to connect with us – from WhatsApp, LINE, Facebook Messenger to Viber, clients across the APAC region are now benefiting from their preferred channel of choice.”

aspirelifestyles matthew squires ceo

The best stories are told by those who have lived the experience. Aspire Lifestyles’ mission is to inspire and delight your customers by making amazing stories happen every day. Stories they can share with their friends, family and colleagues. Stories that reinforce the value of your brand.

Who we are

The Aspire Lifestyles global team of 1,800 employees across 21 markets assists customers 24/7 in 30 languages. It lives and breathes this mission, fostering a culture that strives to deliver the ultimate customer experience. We support this human endeavour with quality and innovation in all our services, networks, platforms, and technologies.

With 25 years of experience providing white-labelled benefits solutions, our locally customised and globally available selection of innovative services is well proven and highly praised. From white-labelled loyalty solutions to extraordinary events, every location is staffed with the expertise to ensure a best-in-class and innovative delivery for the high-net-worth segment.

Our concierge service

Aspire Lifestyles’ concierge service sets a high benchmark for conversational engagement with customers, with its ease of use and ability for users to engage at their own convenient time.

Our concierge service has already been a game-changer for financial institutions looking to provide exceptional customer service to their most valuable customers. With this service, clients can offer a personalised, high-touch experience to their affluent customers, no matter where they are in the world.

Customers can access the service directly from their mobile devices, and our concierge team comprised of experienced professionals can assist them with a wide range of requests. From travel planning and restaurant reservations to event tickets and shopping recommendations, our concierge team is here to make life easier for customers across all lifestyle categories.

Our solutions

Aspire Lifestyles takes great care to make sure that its white-labelled services are easily accessible, straightforward to use, and are solution-focused across a wide range of services. A key pillar of Aspire Lifestyles’ customer service strategy is to provide a seamless omni-channel service with no gaps in the experience. To meet customer expectations, an additional layer has been added – the ability to provide service in real time.

To meet such expectations, Aspire Lifestyles has an ongoing, multi-functional capability development that cuts across digital infrastructure, merchant-relationship networks and training, as well as operational handling for a superior customer experience.

This proactive-service strategy had three goals: ensure brand presence on any channel regardless of online or offline; building relationships and handling capabilities across a wide range of categories from dining, flights, hotels and limousines to trains; and empowering our customer service agents to provide a variety of services efficiently.

This capability was then implemented with a leading regional client.

Aside from core services, Aspire Lifestyles has spent the past year adding customisations to tailor-fit to the client customer base. These included a layered delivery capability in over 20 countries; featured customisations such as automated ways to identify users and speedily proceed to service delivery; direct integrations with client and third-party systems; rolling enablement of various channels – phone, email, full-service digital website; as well as chat-servicing via LINE, WhatsApp, Kakao and Viber.

Our success

Despite post-pandemic constraints, the overall programme was an enormous success, serving the greatest number of lifestyle requests. Most importantly, we were able to serve a level of complexity previously inconceivable.

One of the “Aspire moments” we created took place when our Korean customer was in Vietnam. After checking out of the hotel, he dined at a local restaurant. When his bill came after his meal, he realised he had left his credit card at the hotel's front desk and did not have enough cash to pay the restaurant.

Stranded by the language barrier and alone, he immediately texted Aspire Lifestyles via chat to ask for help. Our concierge called the hotel on behalf of the customer and engaged with both the hotel and the restaurant party to resolve the communication issues and enable the customer to recover the card and settle the situation, bringing a sweet closure to his trip.

Aspire Lifestyles will continue to inspire the extraordinary through our high-touch eCommerce customer service rendered to our clients and customers alike.

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