Ask yourself why you need an app: StanChart

While smartphone usage is unquestioningly prevalent, marketers need to bear in mind that their apps must solve a business issue, said Basker Rangachari, chief marketing officer, Hong Kong and Northeast Asia, consumer banking for Standard Chartered Bank.

The first half of day two of the mobile marketing summit revolved around this, that mobile initiatives must solve a key business problem.

Opening the sessions, Rangachari said What’s App, the top downloaded app is hugely successful because it meets a specific need. He then described the bank’s efforts in launching Breeze, an app it created aimed at young executives. The app allows users to even write checks electronically.

According to him, if a business knows its objective, even having a “use and discard” strategy for apps will work. “Apps don’t have to have a long shelf-life to attract attention and fulfill its purpose”.

Besides having a strong objective, marketers need to have a holistic approach towards their mobile marketing initiatives, said the speakers.

Presenting in the next session, Phil Mundy, director of mobile, twentysix told marketers that while mobile is tempting, they need to be as serious about pushing their apps as they are about creating it.

The Mobile Marketing Summit is an invitation-only, two-day event that’s 100% focused on key issues relating to marketing through mobile devices.

The event features an agenda dominated by case studies from senior brand marketers designed to appeal to director and vice president level marketers from other top consumer brands active in Asia.

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