ASICS kicks off digital campaign across Southeast Asia

ASICS has launched a digital campaign titled "#PassYourSmile", which encourages Singaporeans to share postivity and spread cheer among the anxiety and isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The campaign is kickstarted with a video featuring different celebrities, athletes, and media personalities from Southeast Asia doing simple arm movements to "pass their smiles" to one another from their homes. Members of the public are also encouraged to join the movement by recreating the video and using the hashtag #PassYourSmile.

Posted on its Facebook and Instagram pages, the 40-second video is accompanied with the caption "Here’s to all of us who’s fighting the good fight, who’s pushing forward, who's in a community of positivity. Be part of ASICS #PassYourSmile movement and join our regional ambassadors as we see this through."

The post has garnered 3,425 views on Instagram at the time of writing. Marketing has reached out for additional information on its marketing efforts.

Celebrities and media personalities featured in the video include members of South Korean pop band KARD, Singapore actors Zong Zijie, Ayden Sng and Chantalle Ng, Malaysian television and radio host Aishah Sinclair, host Dyan Castillejo and actress Kris Bernal from the Philippines, Thai actors Toey Pongsakorn, Sarin Ronnakiat and Cooper (Patpasit Na Songkhla), and Indonesian actor Angga Aldi Yunanda. Athletes such as national Olympian Mary Joy Tabal from the Philippines, tennis player Christian Chin from Malaysia, Tony Payne from Thailand, and Singapore netball captain Charmaine Soh were also featured in the campaign video.

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Earlier this year, ASICS unveiled a prototype of its smart shoe range during 2020 Consumer Electronics Show. According to multiple media reports including The Star and AFP, the shoes were created in collaboration with No New Folk Studio, a Japanese start-up, and are fitted out with intelligent technologies that are meant to analyse runners' performance. According to media reports, the data collection is aided by No New Folk Studio's Orphe Track sensor embedded in the shoe, which shows users real-time metrics about their run through a complementary mobile app.

Separately in 2019, ASICS launched its eCommerce site in Singapore by creating outdoor activations in the form of vending machines around the island which dispense e-vouchers. The vending machines popped up at five mystery locations, which were revealed on ASICS' social platforms weekly. ASICS also posted weekly questions on their vending machines, driving traffic to the eCommerce site by hosting answers on it. 

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