#AsiaeCommerceAwards highlight: How liquor delivery service Boozy solidified its eCommerce base

In 2016, four entrepreneurs with years of experience in the service, liquor, and digital marketing industries in the Philippines saw the potential of shifting their expertise into eCommerce. As a result, Boozy, an on-demand liquor delivery service, was founded and it leveraged enterprise platform Shopify Plus for its business.

With Shopify Plus, Boozy was able to boost sales growth month-over-month; grow to more delivery hubs, becoming the largest online liquor store in the Philippines; and grow revenue over its most recent year. This led the Shopify Plus team to become a finalist in Best eCommerce Solution at MARKETING-INTERACTIVE's Asia eCommerce Awards 2020. 

Since its founding, Boozy has grown from one delivery driver to a team of more than 100 people, spanning the whole of Metro Manila from multiple hubs, and guaranteeing 90-minute delivery of a wide variety of alcohol and tobacco products. 


When Boozy launched in 2017, it used an agency to build its website from scratch. While the site operated on a basic level, it soon became clear it was difficult to scale, and the site could not integrate directly with performance media. 

The company was experiencing exponential growth from its beginnings of one delivery driver, and decided to jump on the basic Shopify plan, as it was integrated with Google ads and Facebook. According to Boozy, the integration assisted in its growth through marketing. By mid-2018, its team of 10 was unable to keep up with the demand for deliveries across Manila. To scale, it needed to open multiple hubs to deliver within 90 minutes to anywhere in the metro area. 


To do this, Boozy required three separate Shopify Flow segments, all of which were connected to the same storefront. It also needed the facilitation of locations on its site, and the ability to customise the way the inventory would be shown and fulfilled for each different location. 

It also became clear to Boozy that it needed a developer to customise the checkout process and the storefront, and required an individual to help out with building private apps and other third-party integrations. For the company, Shopify Plus checked all the above requirements and the team decided to upgrade to Shopify Plus.


The Shopify Plus team was on hand to ensure the right connections to the right resources, and Boozy got straight to work. The team was able to customise different aspects of the storefront and platform, with full API access to create its own suite of private apps for its own inventory management and fulfilment system, as well as priority support if Boozy ran into any issues. Boozy was also able to reach out to the Shopify Plus developer and partner community to consult with when it ran into roadblocks. 


Boozy saw an increase in sales as soon as the upgrade was completed. Throughout the year-long campaign from 2018 to 2019, December 2018 was Boozy's highest sales month to date, as the brand benefited from a massive jump in eCommerce traffic. The ability to create its own apps via the API, as well as the complete Shopify Plus app ecosystem, also allowed Boozy to customise the platform and the storefront to its location-based needs. Additionally, the brand modified the Shopify Plus configuration for on-demand delivery, which is a key differentiator from its competitors. 

As Shopify Plus enables multiple locations and on-demand delivery, Boozy said it is now the largest online liquor store in the Philippines in terms of Google search volume, number of warehouses/hubs, and number of riders. Boozy continued to grow its sales and saw an increase in revenue from 2019 to 2020. It now has multiple storefronts, including a wholesale site and an expansion storefront in Cebu, the second biggest city in the Philippines.