AsiaBio partners with Chinese companies for Halal food product export venture

Technology incubator Asia Bioenergy Technologies (AsiaBio) announced that its subsidiary, Asiabio Capital, has inked a deal with three Chinese companies to produce and export Halal-certified food products to the global marketplace.

The companies are Hong Kong YRZC International Group (YRZC), Shan Xi Hong Hui Food Limited Liability Company (SXHHF) and Shan Dong Wang Jia Yuan Zi Halal Food Brewing (SDWJYZHFB).

Hong Kong YRZC International Group is a Hong Kong-based private limited company established in 30 March 2011. It mainly engages in projects including film and television production, urban and tourism planning and brand marketing and promotion.

Shan Dong Wang Jia Yuan Zi Halal Food Brewing is mainly a Halal food brewing company located in Shandong, China, while , Shan Xi Hong Hui Food is a baked goods, sesame seeds, bakery flours and sugar production company based in Shaanxi Weinan City, China.

Under the MoU, Asiabio Capital will serve as a global Halal-certified food product channeling centre and regulation body for food product development and quality, while YRZC will act as an exclusive business development agent in China.

The MoU also indicated that Asiabio Capital and YRZC will accept the products of the other two companies, and the former will assist YRZC to apply for Halal-certified license from Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) on their behalf.